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Welcome to ichiruki_stills, an non-animated icontest featuring Kurosaki Ichigo and Kuchiki Rukia from BLEACH. Every week we'll have new challenge to see who can make the best icons. If you've never participated in an icontest, don't worry! Just read the 'Rules' and 'Submissions' below to familiarize yourself with the how the contest is run.

The community is OPEN MEMBERSHIP so feel free to join! You don't have to be a fan of IchiRuki or even a fan of BLEACH -- you can just join for the sake of seeing some great icons. Remember, only members can vote and participate in contests.

Credits to hhr_stillness for the idea of a non-animated icontest.

Founder & Moderator: aimakichan
Banner Makers: aimakichan, riyuji

01. Submissions cannot be animated! Hence, 'stills'.
02. Do not use fanart unless specified.
03. You may only enter up to 2 icons per challenge.
04. Icons must comply with LJ icon standards -- 100x100 and no larger than 40kb.
05. Icons must remain anonymous until winners are announced. DO NOT post them anywere else until winners are announced.
06. Do not tell your friends to vote for you.
07. Do not vote for yourself.*refer to 'VOTING' section for more info.
08. If there's an icon you really like, PLEASE ASK PERMISSION from the maker before using it!

01. You must be a member to submit an entry.
02. There will be a 'Submission Post' which announces the new challenge for the week. Please submit your contest entries there by clicking the 'Post Comment' button. All comments are screened.
03. A base will be provided for each challenge, and you can crop it any way you like.
04. If you need a place to host your image, try Photobucket or Imageshack.
05. Please include the image and its url for each submission.



NOTE: Although this an IchiRuki icontest, submissions are not limited to Ichigo/Rukia -- they may also be of only Ichigo or of only Rukia.


01. Only members' votes will count.
02. Vote for your 3 favorite icons and 'Special Category' (if there is one for that particular challenge) -- No more, no less -- otherwise your votes won't count!
03. Once again, do not vote for yourself. You'll receive a warning the first time. Second time, suspension from the next two challenges. Third time, banned from the community.

Sunday - Friday (9PM PST): Entries are accepted
Friday - Sunday: Winners & new challenge will be announced

If you'd like to be a banner maker, please feel to send in an application. The rotation will depend on how many banner makers we have.
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